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The perfect solution for cracks!

Any change of weather or intense body heat causes cracks on the heels, and these are very painful! These cracks make the heel hard sensitive and often these cracks bleed! These need quick attention and quick relief!

Aditya pharma has the perfect solution for such cracks. Aditya foot care! Read More…

Aditya foot care stops bleeding and not only heals the heels but makes the feet soft and smooth, much faster than you imagine, provided you nurse your feet well before applying the foot care!

You should clean the feet and the heels with a mixture of Luke warm water, rock salt, and lemon juice and ensure there are no foreign particles in the cracks.

Then sponge the feet dry and apply Aditya foot care!Get ready to run the marathon in any weather after taking care of your feet with Aditya foot care!


  • Softens heels and foot cracks
  • Helps control bleeding and relieves the pain
  • Helps remove dead skin tissues and rehydrates basal skin

Weight: 50gm


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