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Complete Burn Therapy

Burnion is the most effective ointment for burns,i.e. the superficial burns and deep wound burns.

In superficial burns,burnion acts instantly as a soothing calming agent easing irritation and the burning sensation within hours.

In the case of the second type,i.e. the deep wound burns, because of its bacteriostatic nature, Burnion prevents the growth of bacteria thus controlling sepsis and septicemia.  Read More…

Burnion acts at a molecular level and initiates and hastens the process of cellular multiplication resulting in speedy healing of wounds.

The biggest worry in case of wounds is a creation of a deformity by a formation of the skin in a mosaic pattern, resulting in scar formation and abnormal pigmentation.

Removal of the dead skin (eschar) is also a very painful procedure. All these issues are addressed by Burnion which if applied meticulously and for the designated period, eases removal of dead skin, the growth of natural skin and avoids abnormal pigmentation.

Largely used in cases of skin eruptions, piles, Boils, Fistula, burning sensation of Herpes Zoster, Cracked heals. Cracked Nipples, Napkin rash, Abrasion, Cuts, Wounds, Infection in webs, insect bites, etc.


  • Provides wound healing
  • Used in skin eruptions and abrasions
  • Gives soothing effect on burning sensations

Weight: 50 gm


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