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An Aromatic Body Scrub

Body freshness is the need of the hour. In this modern world where pollution, sweat, bad odor fills the air, it becomes imperative that a solution is required to fight the bad odor generated by sweat in combination with pollution.

Aditya Utane is our solution to the above problem. It is the best natural body scrub available as an alternative to chemical soaps. Aditya utane not only opens the pores of the skin where sweat accumulates but offers health and hygiene to the skin. Read More…

It keeps the skin moisturized and saves it from becoming dry. Besides a healthy skin, it offers a day-long freshness and a unique natural aroma of sandalwood rose petals and other natural ingredients.

It is important to note that taking care of the pores of your skin is very important in modern life where everybody is in a hurry.

When you have a quick bath, you rarely realize that if the soap is not carefully washed out, it remains on the skin and blocks the pores which are nothing but the outlets for toxins in our body.

Aditya utane works to ensure that the pores are kept open to ensure the outlets for toxins are kept open throughout the day, and a pleasant odor surrounds your personality because of the carefully selected ingredients from mother nature.


  • Improves skin tone and gives long lasting aroma
  • Helps reduce pigmentation
  • Gives natural glow and rejuvenates skin

Weight: 30 gm


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